What to know about traveling in Japan? 7 tips from frequent travelers

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Japan is a popular travel destination with many unique qualities that can be confusing for first-time visitors. To help bridge the cultural gap, frequent travelers to Japan shared their best advice:

1. Respect the environment and people by speaking softly and carrying your trash. Avoid talking on your phone in public and refrain from eating while walking. Hold onto your trash until you find a proper disposal place. – Tyler Monahan

2. Be punctual in Japan as trains run on time, especially in big cities like Osaka and Tokyo. Familiarize yourself with the concept of “last train” as public transportation shuts down early. – Henry Rose

3. Exchange Japanese business cards for a unique cultural experience. Get cards printed in Japanese to impress locals and break the ice when meeting new people. – Oliver Horovitz

4. Always wear socks in Japan, as bare feet are not acceptable. Be prepared to remove your shoes in various places and expect to find slippers at the entrance to public bathrooms. – Jolaine Pfeifer

5. Don’t underestimate the convenience stores in Japan, as they offer a wide variety of items including onigiri, quality coffee, and vitamin C shots. – Jeffrey Cole

6. Consider hiring a guide in Japan to overcome the language and culture barrier. A local guide can show you hidden gems and unique experiences that you might miss on your own. – Miles Ashton

7. Shop at Tokyu Hands for an extensive selection of unique products, including pens, papers, organizers, and camping supplies. It’s a great place to find affordable gifts that are not touristy. – Kris Beyer

Note: Responses have been edited for clarity.

The content provides valuable advice for travelers visiting Japan. It highlights cultural norms and practical tips to help visitors navigate the unique aspects of Japanese society. The advice includes tips on etiquette, punctuality, networking, dressing appropriately, utilizing convenience stores, hiring guides, and shopping at unique stores like Tokyu Hands. Overall, the advice aims to help travelers understand and respect Japanese customs, while also enjoying the country’s rich culture and experiences.

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