The top travel tips for introverts, as recommended by introverts

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Traveling with a group can be overwhelming for introverts, who make up an estimated 57% of the population. Solo travel is often preferred by introverts, but most trips involve other people. To make group travel more comfortable, fellow introverts offer some ground rules.

Rule 1: Book Your Own Room
The top recommendation is to book your own room to have downtime to refresh. If sharing a room is necessary, try to sleep in and order room service to have breakfast alone in bed. Having this space to decompress at the end of each day is crucial for introverts.

Rule 2: Avoid Talkers
It’s important to research group trips well to avoid being trapped by overly friendly people. Using headphones is recommended to ward off unwanted conversations, especially on flights. Having an exit strategy in social situations can also help introverts take a break when needed.

Types of Trips to Avoid
Introverts should avoid large travel groups, packed schedules, crowded locations, constant social interaction, double occupancy accommodations, and long driving times.

Rule 3: Own the Need for ‘Alone Time’
Talking to travel companions before the trip about the need for alone time can help introverts recharge their social energy. Setting boundaries and doing activities at your own pace can also help introverts feel comfortable during group travel.

Rule 4: Keep Groups Small, but Not Too Small
Introverts may prefer small group travel to minimize exhausting conversations and maximize quiet time. Traveling in a group of 3+ people can provide the option for ‘me-time’ when needed. Bringing items like earplugs and eye masks can help introverts relax in social situations.

Introverts may find the idea of constant togetherness on group tours overwhelming. While most trips are taken with others, introverts can still enjoy group travel by following some ground rules. Rule one is to book your own room for morning and evening downtime. Rule two suggests avoiding talkative individuals and researching trips carefully. Rule three emphasizes the importance of communicating your need for alone time to travel companions. Rule four recommends keeping groups small to minimize social interactions. Overall, setting boundaries, taking breaks, and prioritizing personal space can make group travel more enjoyable for introverts.

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