Ibex Merino Wool Odor-Free Outdoor Clothing

Ibex outdoor clothing social

Ibex outdoor clothing social

I am 38 years old and still searching for the perfect antiperspirant or deodorant. I tend to avoid products with harmful ingredients like parabens, triclosan, phthalates, propylene glycol, and aluminum by shopping at my local health store. Despite using a granola deodorant daily, my active lifestyle, which includes walking, biking, gardening, exercising, and hiking, leads to sweating and occasional body odor. While a quick shower and change of clothes usually solve the problem, the situation can be embarrassing before that. I have tried various anti-sweat shirts in the past, but I found the Ibex Merino wool clothing to be particularly effective.

I recently received two Ibex Merino wool items – the 24-hour Short Sleeve Low Crew and the Shak Hoodie. Both items are advertised as having odor-control and antimicrobial properties that allow for less frequent washing. I decided to put these claims to the test by wearing them in sweaty and social situations for weeks without washing them. The results were impressive, with no signs of body odor even after extended use.

The Shak Hoodie, in particular, stood out for its antimicrobial quality and other features such as keeping me warm, a zippered pocket for convenience, flexibility without itchiness, exceptional quality, true-to-size fit, and accurate color representation. The 24-hour Short Sleeve Low Crew also performed well, remaining odor-free despite intense use in sweaty activities. It dried quickly, was comfortable, true to size, tag-free, and available in rich and beautiful colors.

Overall, I was highly satisfied with both Ibex Merino wool garments and would recommend them for their odor-control, comfort, and durability.

At 38 years old, the author is still searching for an antiperspirant or deodorant that will effectively combat sweat and odor. The author shops at a local health store to avoid harmful ingredients such as parabens, triclosan, phthalates, propylene glycol, and aluminum. Despite using natural deodorant daily, the author’s active lifestyle results in sweating and potential stinkiness. However, the author discovered Ibex’s Merino wool clothing, which promises odor control and antimicrobial properties, allowing for less frequent washing.

The author conducted a long-term sweat experiment with two Ibex Merino wool items: the 24-hour Short Sleeve Low Crew and the Shak Hoodie. The Shak Hoodie was worn daily for nearly three months without washing, only being washed once to test its durability. Despite extensive use, the hoodie showed no signs of body odor, shrinkage, color fading, shape alteration, or texture change. The author praised the hoodie for keeping warm, functional design elements like zippered pockets and thumb holes, flexibility, non-itchiness, high quality, true sizing, and accurate color representation.

Similarly, the 24-hour Short Sleeve Low Crew shirt was worn for several weeks without washing, even in sweaty situations like step classes, bike rides, hikes, and gardening. Despite direct skin contact and challenging activities, the shirt remained odor-free. The author commended the shirt for its non-itchy and fast-drying properties, true sizing, tagless design, and vibrant color options.

Overall, the author’s positive experience with Ibex’s Merino wool clothing, specifically the Shak Hoodie and 24-hour Short Sleeve Low Crew, highlights the effectiveness of Merino wool in controlling odor and maintaining freshness even after extended wear. The author appreciates the durability, comfort, functionality, and style of these garments, confirming Ibex’s promises of odor control and antimicrobial benefits.

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