Austin’s Bloomhouse Is Among The World’s Most Fascinating Homes

bloomhouse airbnb

bloomhouse airbnb

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In the 1970’s, the Bloomhouse was designed by architecture student Charles Harker as his graduate thesis project, in collaboration with patron Dalton Bloom. They set out to create a space where humans could reside in harmony with nature. Its curvy design was inspired by the movement of air and the flow of music. It was constructed over 11 years using unconventional methods and materials, think steel rebar coated in layers of polyurethane foam, then hand-sculpted with a pruning saw. For many years, it existed without even a physical address.

The Bloomhouse went through periods of neglect until Dave Claunch saw its potential as a vacation rental property. He and his wife bought the property in 2017 and undertook its restoration. They succeeded in rejuvenating the iconic residence and it is surely now one of the most epic of stays in existence.

Upon arrival, a winding path leads down to the house, lined with mushroom-shaped lights that give off fairytale vibes. As you wander inside, you’ll notice that there is not a single flat wall. The living room has a beautifully designed swirling fireplace, bar area, and even a few instruments. The kitchen is well-equipped with everything you may need during your stay. The bed is extremely comfy and is partially engulfed in a conch shell-like structure. The patio out back is surrounded by forest and truly feels like your own private retreat. There is even an outdoor shower if the mood strikes. The house can accommodate up to four guests on its queen-size bed, pull-out couch, and a small mattress in the napping nook upstairs. It feels super secluded, yet it’s just a short 15-minute ride from downtown Austin. For those without a car, Uber and other ridesharing apps are available in the area.

Whether you’re visiting Austin, or a local looking for the perfect staycation, the Bloomhouse will leave you with a mystical experience. There is something about staying in a structure so unconventional, yet so calming and soothing. The house itself is truly a work of art.

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The Bloomhouse in Austin, designed by Charles Harker in the 1970s as his graduate thesis project, is a unique and iconic vacation rental property that offers a truly epic stay experience. Restored by Dave Claunch in 2017, the house features a curvy design inspired by nature and music, with unconventional materials and methods used in its construction. The interior is full of artistic touches, with a swirling fireplace, well-equipped kitchen, and comfy bed in a conch shell-like structure. The house can accommodate up to four guests and offers a secluded retreat just 15 minutes from downtown Austin. Whether visiting from out of town or looking for a local staycation, the Bloomhouse promises a mystical, calming, and soothing experience that truly feels like living inside a work of art.

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