What is it and what does it mean for crypto prices?

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The bitcoin “halving” is approaching, a technical event that occurs every four years. Essentially, it cuts in half the rewards for bitcoin miners, slowing down the pace of new bitcoins entering the market. This scarcity is meant to drive up value. Historically, previous halving events have led to significant price surges in bitcoin, but this time may be different. The cryptocurrency has already hit a record high, driven by excitement over the approval of spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds.

In a recent episode of CNBC Tech’s “Beyond the Valley” podcast, the hosts discuss the significance of the halving and how this current bitcoin cycle differs from past ones. Listeners are encouraged to share their thoughts via email.

The podcast is available for subscription on various platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify. A recent transcript of the episode released on Apr. 11, 2024, has been edited for clarity.

The hosts delve into the importance of the halving event, how it impacts bitcoin prices, and the role of ETFs. They also explore the regulatory challenges faced by crypto exchanges like Binance and discuss the potential for an Ethereum ETF in the future. The podcast touches on the evolving landscape of the cryptocurrency industry, highlighting the excitement around blockchain technology and its applications.

Overall, the episode provides insights into the bitcoin halving, discusses market trends, regulatory challenges, and the future of cryptocurrencies like Ethereum.

The upcoming bitcoin “halving” event, which occurs every four years, involves cutting the rewards for bitcoin miners in half, reducing the pace at which new bitcoins enter the market and creating scarcity. Historically, halving events have preceded significant increases in bitcoin prices, but this time is different. Bitcoin has already reached a new record high due to excitement surrounding the approval of spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds, bringing in demand for the cryptocurrency. The latest episode of CNBC Tech’s “Beyond the Valley” podcast discusses the halving event and how this bitcoin cycle is unique. The episode includes insights from Paris Blockchain Week, where discussions around the importance of the halving, the future of crypto exchange Binance, and the potential for an Ethereum ETF took place. The interview with the new Binance CEO highlights efforts to bring the company into compliance and change its culture. Additionally, experts discuss the challenges and uncertainties surrounding the potential approval of an Ethereum ETF by the SEC. Overall, the episode provides a comprehensive look at the current state of the cryptocurrency market and the factors influencing its trajectory.

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