GTA San Andreas Cheat Codes for PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and Mobile: A Complete List

gta san andreas cheat codes new 1714983349074

gta san andreas cheat codes new 1714983349074

Looking for all the cheat codes for GTA San Andreas? Look no further than this comprehensive guide to find out all the details.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a popular open-world action-adventure game that was released in 2004. Like many other games in the GTA series, San Andreas features cheat codes that can enhance gameplay and provide players with unique advantages.

Cheat codes are a series of commands that players can input into the game to unlock special abilities, weapons, vehicles, and more. These codes can be activated by entering specific button combinations or sequences on the game controller while playing.

In GTA San Andreas, cheat codes can be used to access infinite health, unlimited ammo, unlock all weapons, vehicles, increase wanted level, decrease wanted level, and much more. These cheats can make the game easier, more enjoyable, and can also be used for fun and experimentation.

To activate cheat codes in GTA San Andreas, players must simply enter the desired code using the game controller. Some cheat codes may need to be entered multiple times to fully activate the cheat. Cheats can be turned off by entering the code a second time, or by restarting the game.

There are a wide variety of cheat codes available for GTA San Andreas, and players can experiment with different combinations to see which ones work best for their gameplay style. Some cheat codes may have a temporary effect, while others may be permanent once activated.

It is important to note that using cheat codes in GTA San Andreas can disable achievements and trophies, as well as impact gameplay and overall progression in the game. It is recommended to use cheat codes sparingly and at the player’s discretion.

Below is a comprehensive list of cheat codes for GTA San Andreas:

Player cheats:
– HESOYAM: Full health, armor, and $250,000
– LXGIWYL: Weapon set 1 (brass knuckles, bat, 9mm, shotgun, Micro MP5, AK-47, rifle, rocket launcher)
– PROFESSIONALSKIT: Weapon set 50 (Knife, Desert Eagle, sawed-off shotgun, Tec-9, M4 carbine, sniper rifle, flame thrower, grenades)
– UZUMYMW: Weapon set 3 (Chainsaw, silenced 9mm, SPAS-12, MP5, M4 carbine, heat seeker, satchel charges)
– ROCKETMAN: Get a jetpack
– AIYPWZQP: Spawn parachute
– OHDUDE: Spawn Hunter helicopter
– AGKJLL: Spawn Quadbike
– MONSTERMASH: Spawn Monster truck
– FOURWHEELFUN: Spawn Quadbike
– FLYINGTOSTUNT: Spawn stunt plane
– RIPAZHA: Cars can fly
– CPKTNWT: Blow up all cars
– XICWMD: Infinite health

Vehicle cheats:
– JQNTDMH: Spawn Rancher
– VROCKPOKEY: Spawn race car
– VROCKPOKEY: Spawn race car
– OHDUDE: Spawn Hunter helicopter
– AIYPWZQP: Spawn parachute
– AGBDLCID: Spawn monster
– AKJJYGLC: Spawn Quadbike
– PDNEJOH: Spawn race car
– FOURWHEELFUN: Spawn Quadbike
– RZHSUEW: Spawn car interior
– JUMPJET: Spawn Hydra
– KGGGDKP: Spawn Vortex Hovercraft

Gameplay cheats:
– STINGLIKEABEE: Super punching
– MONSTERMASH: Infinite nitrous
– SPEEDFREAK: All cars have nitrous
– BUBBLECARS: Cars float away when hit
– BRINGITON: Six stars wanted level
– YLTEICZ: Aggressive drivers
– LLQPFBN: Pink traffic
– IOWDLAC: Black traffic
– BGKGTJH: Cheap cars
– GUSNHDE: Fast and rare cars
– RIPAZHA: Cars can fly
– ASNAEB: Clear weather
– AUIFRVQS: Rainy weather
– CFVFGMJ: Foggy weather
– NIGHTPROWLER: Always midnight
– XJVSNAJ: Always midnight

These cheat codes can enhance the gameplay experience in GTA San Andreas and provide players with new and exciting ways to enjoy the game. Whether players are looking for infinite health, unlimited ammo, or just some fun and unique abilities, cheat codes offer a wide range of options to choose from.

Overall, cheat codes can be a great way to add some variety and excitement to GTA San Andreas, and players are encouraged to experiment with different codes to see what works best for them. Just remember to use cheat codes responsibly and have fun exploring all the possibilities that GTA San Andreas has to offer.

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