Apple to Skip M3-Powered Mac Mini, Will Launch M4 Model as Soon as Late 2024: Report

mac mini 2023 desk ndtv 1683814387401

mac mini 2023 desk ndtv 1683814387401

Apple is reportedly planning to revamp its entire Mac computer line with the M4 chipset that can support artificial intelligence (AI) features. Last year, the company introduced the M3-powered MacBook Pro models and a 24-inch M3 iMac, followed by new MacBook Air models with M3 processors in March. Apple is now working on refreshing the Mac mini and may skip the M3 generation to launch an updated M4-powered Mac mini by late 2024.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who previously mentioned an M3-powered Mac mini for 2024, Apple might now focus on releasing an M4 chipset instead. Gurman noted in his newsletter that there may not be an M3 Mac mini this year, and instead, the company could be preparing for M4 and M4 Pro-powered models by the end of 2024 or early 2025. This development suggests that Apple is moving away from the M3 generation.

In July last year, Gurman had reported the possibility of an M3-powered Mac mini in 2024. Apple has since refreshed its Mac lineup with M3 chips but continues to sell M2 and M2 Pro-powered Mac mini models. The newest Mac mini models available are powered by the M2 and M2 Pro chipsets.

Apple unveiled the M3 chipset with the MacBook Pro and iMac models last year. The latest MacBook Pro lineup features M3, M3 Pro, and M3 Max chipsets. Additionally, the company refreshed the MacBook Air with an M3 processor earlier this year.

Reports indicate that Apple plans to overhaul its entire Mac lineup with the AI-focused M4 processor, which could arrive in different variants. The company is reportedly close to producing the next-generation M4 chip.

In conclusion, Apple’s focus on the M4 chipset suggests a shift away from the M3 generation, with the company aiming to introduce AI-driven features across its Mac lineup in the near future.

Apple is reportedly planning to overhaul its Mac lineup with the introduction of the M4 chipset, which will bring artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to its computers. The company recently launched M3-powered MacBook Pro models and a 24-inch M3 iMac, with new MacBook Air models featuring the M3 processor. There were previous reports of an M3-powered Mac mini in 2024, but a new report suggests that Apple may skip the M3 generation altogether and release an updated M4-powered Mac mini in late 2024.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, in his Power On newsletter, stated that he does not expect an M3 Mac mini to be released this year. He had previously mentioned the possibility of M4 and M4 Pro-powered Mac mini models arriving between late 2024 and early 2025. Gurman believes that the potential launch of an M4 Mac mini by the end of 2024 leaves no room for M3 models, indicating that the Mac desktops may skip the M3 generation entirely.

Apple introduced its 3nm M3 chipset with new MacBook Pro variants and a 24-inch iMac last year. The company also refreshed its MacBook Air line with the M3 processor this year. The Mac mini was last updated in January 2023 with M2 and M2 Pro chipsets. Currently, the M2 Mac mini is available in various configurations with different specifications.

Recent reports suggest that Apple is working on the M4 chipset for its redesigned Mac lineup. The company is said to be close to production of the M4 chip, which will likely come in multiple variants. The focus on AI capabilities in the M4 chipset indicates Apple’s commitment to enhancing the performance and features of its Mac computers.

In addition to the Mac lineup, Apple also recently launched the iPad Pro (2022) and the iPad (2022) along with the new Apple TV. The company continues to innovate across its product range, with the recent release of the iPhone 14 Pro. Apple’s focus on advanced technologies like AI and powerful chipsets underscores its dedication to delivering cutting-edge products to consumers.

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