Apple releases iOS 17.3, has a feature to prevent thieves from accessing personal data

Apple releases iOS 17.3, has a feature to prevent thieves from accessing personal data


Apple released the latest operating system iOS 17.3 for eligible iPhone devices. This latest update adds several features, including Stolen Device Protection, which is useful for preventing thieves from accessing personal data.
This feature was initially introduced in the beta version of iOS 17.3 to positive reviews. Stolen Device Protection can increase the security of stolen cellphone personal data by having to scan Face ID or Touch ID.

“Stolen Device Protection improves iPhone and Apple ID security by requiring Face ID or Touch ID without changing the passcode to perform certain actions,” Apple wrote on its support page.
“Security Delay requires Face ID or Touch ID, waiting for one hour, and then performing additional biometric authentication that must be successful before doing something sensitive like changing the cellphone passcode or Apple ID password,” added Apple’s statement on its official website.

Like other iOS 17 variants, users need an iPhone that meets the requirements, namely iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, or iPhone Additionally, the iOS 17.3 operating system also works on the second and third iPhone SE.

Meanwhile, for iPadOS 17.3, a number of models are eligible for the update, including the fifth generation iPad Mini and above, the standard iPad sixth generation and above, the third generation iPad Air and above, and all iPad Pro models.

To activate the Stolen Device Protection feature, users only need to enter the Settings application and select the Face ID and Passcode menu. After that, the user enters the iPhone passcode and presses the toggle to activate this feature.

Meanwhile, another feature available in iOS 17.3 is the Lock Screen feature which presents new Unity wallpapers to honor history and culture during the celebration of Black History Month.

In this latest operating system, users can also collaborate on playlists with friends invited in the Music application.

This feature also provides access to add songs, organize or delete songs from the created playlist. In the collaborative playlist feature, users can also give each other emoji reactions.

This operating system update also adds AirPlay support in hotels, allowing users to access streaming content directly to TVs in rooms at certain hotels.

The latest operating system also brings updates to AppleCare and Warranty in Settings, which can display warranties for all devices connected to a user’s Apple ID. In addition, there will be optimization of the accident detection feature for all iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 users.

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