What’s The Craziest Thing You’ve Heard About Commissions? Pulse

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Pulse Teams Template 1 1024x454

At Inman Connect Las Vegas, July 30-Aug. 1, 2024, the noise and misinformation will be banished, all your big questions will be answered, and new business opportunities will be revealed. Join us.
Pulse is a recurring column where we ask for readers’ takes on varying topics in a weekly survey and report back with our findings.
In times of rapid change, people start talking, often before they’ve taken the time to listen. As commission lawsuits and subsequent settlements have unfolded, they’ve set the stage for misunderstanding, misinformation, and many, many mistakes. You’ve probably read or heard something that left you shaking your head and trying to correct the record.
What’s the craziest thing you’ve heard about commissions? What misinformation is out there that makes you just roll your eyes? Did it come from the media, from a potential client, or from an ill-informed colleague? Did you have an opportunity to set folks straight? Let us know below:
We’ll compile a list of the top responses and post them on Inman next Tuesday.

In the real estate industry, there is a lot of confusion and misinformation surrounding commissions. This can lead to misunderstanding and mistakes, especially in times of rapid change. At Inman Connect Las Vegas, taking place from July 30 to August 1, 2024, there will be a focus on banishing the noise and providing clear answers to all your big questions. It will be an opportunity to address the misinformation and explore new business opportunities.

The Pulse column, a recurring feature that gathers readers’ perspectives on various topics through surveys, aims to shed light on the craziest things heard about commissions. People are often quick to talk without listening, leading to misconceptions that may have come from the media, potential clients, or ill-informed colleagues. The goal is to set the record straight and correct any misinformation.

Overall, the goal is to provide a platform for industry professionals to share their experiences and insights, contributing to a better understanding of commissions and the real estate market. By addressing the misinformation and clearing up any misunderstandings, the industry can move forward in a more informed and effective manner.

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