Weeklong BoomTown Outage Was Caused By Hackers, CEO Confirms

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Executives informed customers on Wednesday that a security breach involving a malicious third party was the cause of the outage that has been disrupting thousands of brokers and agents since last week.

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In a surprising turn of events, BoomTown, a real estate software company, admitted that their clients were unable to conduct business due to a hack, contrary to what they had previously communicated. The CEO stated that a security incident led to the problems that affected brokers and agents since April 10. While it’s uncertain if all issues are resolved, some clients reported smooth access to the platform’s back end by Wednesday evening.

The update indicates a change in communication from BoomTown and marks a shift in what they have been telling their customers and employees during the incident. Customers expressed frustration over the lack of transparency and disruptions to their businesses, prompting some to consider opting out of their contracts.

There were concerns about the potential short-term and long-term impacts of the outage on businesses that rely on lead generation and strategic outreach. The incident also raised questions about data security and prompted some customers to explore alternative platforms for their needs.

Amidst speculations about a breach, the company faced criticism for providing vague updates and inadequate communication to both customers and employees. This incident comes at a challenging time for BoomTown, as they prepare to host their annual conference called Unite next week in Charleston.

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The real estate software company BoomTown experienced an outage that disrupted thousands of brokers and agents. Initially, the company attributed the outage to a server issue, but later revealed that it was actually caused by a security incident involving a malicious third party. Despite ongoing investigations, it is unclear if all problems have been resolved for all clients. The outage has left customers frustrated and looking for alternate solutions, with some considering terminating their contracts with the company. This incident, part of a series of recent hacks targeting the real estate industry, highlights the vulnerability of businesses to cyber threats.

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