The Good, Bad And Ugly: Scoring The Media’s Commission Coverage

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May is Commission and Compensation Month at Inman, where we will provide you with the most current facts and strategies to succeed in the aftermath of recent commission settlements. Look out for our new weekly digest, Commission Chronicles, delivered straight to your inbox.

Headlines circulated rapidly following the National Association of Realtors’ sweeping settlement of multiple commission lawsuits. However, many mainstream news outlets inaccurately reported the details, leading to confusion for agents and clients.

In response, NAR is working on having Realtors disseminate accurate information to media outlets of all sizes to combat misinformation. Meanwhile, Inman has thoroughly examined the major headlines to set the record straight, with this story marking the debut of our new newsletter, Commission Chronicles.

The newsletter will tap into Inman’s extensive knowledge of the legal aspects surrounding commissions and ongoing lawsuits in the housing business. Despite widespread misinformation about agent pay, Inman aims to offer clarity and accurate information.

Various news outlets, such as NYT, CNN, WaPo, WSJ, and NBC, presented varying claims about the impact of the settlement on commissions and the real estate industry. Inman’s analysis reveals the discrepancies and clarifies the facts surrounding these claims.

Moving forward, Inman remains committed to providing in-depth coverage of the evolving real estate industry changes. Subscribe to our newsletter and share it with those who could benefit from accurate and industry-leading coverage.

Inman’s Commission and Compensation Month focuses on providing accurate and up-to-date information about how agents can prosper in the aftermath of recent commission settlements. Mainstream news outlets have reported misleading headlines regarding the National Association of Realtors’ agreement, creating confusion among agents and clients. In response, NAR is working to combat misinformation by having Realtors spread the correct message to various media outlets. The Inman newsletter, Commission Chronicles, aims to clarify the facts surrounding agent pay and the impact of the recent settlements on the real estate industry. Misinformation about commission rates and the potential changes in the housing market post-settlement are widespread, with varying opinions on the actual consequences. While some believe there may be a reduction in commissions and agents, others express skepticism about significant changes. Buyers may face confusion in the short-term, but NAR is taking steps to address this issue by recruiting surrogates to spread accurate information. Inman will continue to provide in-depth coverage of the evolving real estate industry and the implications of the commission settlements.

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