Campaign Makes Pitch For Buyer Representation

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The campaign will be launched across various print and digital platforms, amidst commission disruption and fierce competition among portals.

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Amidst the ongoing battle between major U.S. real estate portals for consumer attention, has announced a new marketing campaign positioning the company as a supporter of buyers’ agents.

Described as a “national multi-tiered integrated marketing campaign,” it will be featured across print, digital, and social channels. The campaign aims to showcase the significant work done by independent buyer’s agents during the homebuying process, with calling on the industry to support and promote the initiative.

While the company did not disclose the exact budget for the campaign, it began with full-page ads in The Wall Street Journal and the New York Post. Additionally, CEO Damian Eales recently argued in The Wall Street Journal that discouraging the use of buyers agents would reverse progress in the real estate industry, highlighting the importance of the U.S. model.

This campaign by comes at a time when the industry is facing potential changes due to commission lawsuits and proposed settlements that could impact the way agents, particularly buyers’ agents, are compensated. The U.S. Department of Justice has also indicated its desire for significant changes in commission structures.

The campaign from aims to counter potential scenarios with fewer buyers’ agents and more unrepresented homebuyers. Amidst the competitive landscape of the “portal war,” where CoStar has emerged as a formidable player,’s campaign positions the company as a champion of buyers’ agents, contrasting CoStar’s focus on listing agents.

While the impact of this campaign on consumers and industry professionals remains to be seen, CEO Damian Eales emphasized the value of buyers’ agents in a typical transaction. The goal is to showcase the services provided by buyer’s agents to ensure every American understands their importance. has launched a new marketing campaign that positions the company as a champion of buyers’ agents in the midst of commission disruption and intense competition in the real estate portal industry. The campaign will be rolled out through print and digital media channels and aims to highlight the value that buyers’ agents bring to the homebuying process. The CEO of argues that discouraging the use of buyers’ agents would be a step backward for the industry. The campaign comes at a time when the real estate industry is facing potential changes in commission structures and increasing competition among portals. This effort is also part of a larger trend in the industry, with CoStar making significant strides in the residential real estate sector and challenging Zillow’s dominance.’s campaign aims to set itself apart by emphasizing its support for buyers’ agents and providing better representation for buyers and sellers. The success of this campaign in resonating with consumers and industry professionals remains to be seen.

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