New Release Harvist Offers Another Option For Lead Farming

Harvist launch 1024x576

Harvist launch 1024x576

The company highlighted a pending legal settlement that may result in changes to how agents and brokerages earn money, emphasizing the importance of demonstrating the value of the profession to consumers.

A new software option called Harvist is available for marketing plans, offering omnichannel capabilities to reach audiences through print, digital, and voice. The product aligns its brand with farming and aims to assist customers in expanding their market reach.

Harvist utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze location-based marketing data, enabling agents to target specific submarkets with personalized marketing campaigns. The software also includes features for ongoing performance measurement, lead nurturing, and CRM capabilities.

Industry experts, like OJO Labs’ and Movato’s Chris Heller, have endorsed Harvist for its ability to streamline outreach and improve operations in a competitive real estate landscape. Other solutions in the market offer similar location-based marketing and lead management features to help agents thrive.

The real estate industry is facing potential changes in the way agents and brokerages make money due to a pending legal settlement. In response to this, a new software called Harvist has been introduced, which aims to help agents navigate the evolving real estate landscape. Harvist focuses on multi-faceted marketing strategies, including location-based marketing and artificial intelligence-based analysis to reach audiences through various channels such as print, digital, and voice. The software also includes CRM tools for lead nurturing and performance measurement. Industry experts have endorsed the product, highlighting its ability to streamline outreach and enhance operations in a competitive market. As the industry evolves, utilizing technology like Harvist can help agents not just survive, but thrive in changing times.

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