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Inman Commission Chronicles 1024x576

Inman Commission Chronicles 1024x576

May is Commission and Compensation Month here at Inman. We’ll sort through the noise and misinformation and provide you with the most up-to-date facts and strategies about how to prosper in the wake of the commission settlements. And look for straight-to-your inbox updates with Inman’s new weekly digest, Commission Chronicles.

Inman on Tuesday announced the first edition of Commission Chronicles, a new weekly digest that goes deep on the opportunities and new business models emerging in the wake of the recent commission lawsuit settlements.

All subscribers to Inman Select will receive Commission Chronicles, beginning today, as a subscriber benefit.

What is fact, and what is myth? It’s not always clear. With Commission Chronicles, Inman aims to look past the drama and focus on how agents and brokers can make money and thrive in this new environment. Each issue breaks down the latest news in a conversational tone, cutting straight to the bone to offer fresh analysis and insights. Subscribers will hear from some of the smartest people in the business as they, too, work out how to master this new terrain.

Topics include:
– 10 answers to buyers who are confused
– 10 answers to sellers who are confused
– How consumer expectations of listing agents are changing and what to do to win their business
– How to address dual agency
– The changing role of real estate portals in a post-settlement world

Not only is the Commission Chronicles included with an Inman Select subscription, but Select subscribers also unlock paywall-free reading of all commission-related news, analysis and business-building advice. Tens of thousands of real estate professionals turn to Inman for the deepest news in the industry every day, and you should too. Learn more.

Inman is focusing on commission and compensation this month and providing subscribers with updated facts and strategies to succeed in the aftermath of recent commission settlements. They introduced a new weekly digest called Commission Chronicles, which will cover new business models and opportunities in the real estate industry. Subscribers will receive insights from industry experts on topics such as addressing consumer confusion, changing expectations, and the role of real estate portals post-settlement. Select subscribers will have access to paywall-free reading of all commission-related news and advice. The goal is to help agents and brokers navigate this changing landscape and thrive in this new environment.

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