Local Logic to make homegenius even smarter

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Homegenius LocalLogic 1024x576

Local Logic’s location-based marketing smarts will enhance the search experience for homegenius partners, a subsidiary of Radian.

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Local Logic, a location intelligence and marketing software company, has entered into a partnership with Homegenius, Inc., a subsidiary of Radian Group. This collaboration will integrate Local Logic’s regionally specific insights with Homegenius’ agent marketing tools, enabling users to identify potential customers more accurately.

Specifically, Local Logic’s map features, which provide scores for local retail and lifestyle amenities along with various business insights, will now complement homegenius’ home search experience.

Homegenius offers a home search experience that incorporates property metadata, allowing consumers to explore a wide range of parameters to find their ideal home.

The partnership between Local Logic and homegenius signifies significant progress for the latter. By integrating Local Logic’s location intelligence, homegenius clients gain valuable insights into properties and neighborhoods, helping them make informed decisions in the real estate market.

Local Logic also collaborates with multiple listing services, including BeachesMLS, MLSListings, and REcolorado, to provide over 250 insights per address to real estate agents and consumers. Additionally, the company recently launched NeighborhoodWrap, a suite of APIs and SDKs that enhance targeted marketing efforts.

Vincent-Charles Hodder, CEO of Local Logic, expressed excitement about the partnership with homegenius, highlighting their commitment to empowering users with comprehensive insights into properties and their environments.

For more information, reach out to Craig Rowe via email.

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Local Logic has partnered with Homegenius, a subsidiary of Radian Group, to integrate its location intelligence and marketing software into Homegenius’ platform. This collaboration aims to provide users with regionally specific insights and valuable context on home value and neighborhood appeal. Homegenius offers a home search experience that allows consumers to compare specific rooms of homes, search for unique amenities, and analyze how seller design choices can impact price. The partnership is seen as a major advancement for Homegenius, as it enhances decision-making in the real estate market. Local Logic has also partnered with multiple listing services to connect its NeighborhoodIntel product, which provides over 250 insights per address, with real estate agents. Additionally, the company recently released a series of APIs and SDKs under the name NeighborhoodWrap, which can be used to augment marketing efforts such as targeted landing pages. Overall, this partnership signifies a commitment to enhancing the real estate industry through data-driven solutions that empower users with comprehensive insights into properties and their environments.

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