Local Logic Fine-Tunes Home Search With New NeighborhoodWatch Tool

LocalLogic NeighborhoodWatch 1024x576

LocalLogic NeighborhoodWatch 1024x576

Local Logic has introduced a new tool called NeighborhoodMatch, which helps brokerages and their clients find neighborhoods that match their lifestyle needs. It uses active search parameters to identify matches and offers user-based reports and content based on various points of attraction. NeighborhoodMatch can identify and score up to eight communities, providing price comparisons and other variables. Additionally, an Affordability Index based on sales data is included in the community report.

Local Logic has been releasing several new products, including NeighborhoodWrap and NeighborhoodIntel, to attract agents in the challenging housing market. NeighborhoodMatch can be used in conjunction with these products or on its own. The company integrates with various software providers and multiple listing services, and it secured $13 million in Series B funding in 2023. For more information, you can email Craig Rowe.

Local Logic recently announced the launch of a new tool called NeighborhoodMatch, which aims to help brokerages and their homebuyer clients find neighborhoods that align with their lifestyle preferences. The tool works by automatically surfacing locations for homebuyers based on the homes they have already viewed, offering an alternative to traditional search methods. NeighborhoodMatch can identify up to eight communities and scores them based on various factors such as price comparisons and affordability. The tool is part of Local Logic’s efforts to provide agents with innovative solutions in a challenging housing market. Additionally, Local Logic has integrated NeighborhoodMatch with other products like NeighborhoodWrap and NeighborhoodIntel, as well as with software providers and multiple listing services. The company received $13 million in Series B funding in 2023 and continues to expand its offerings to provide valuable insights to real estate agents.

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