Lesson Learned: Find And Follow Great Role Models

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Juan Carlos Barreneche, a top producer, utilized valuable advice to establish a team and create his own training community. In an interview with Inman, he shares valuable insights about his journey in the real estate industry. Barreneche is the founder of Goldbar, an online training community, and is known for organizing training events and workshops across the country, including the luxury real estate conference called Goldbar Live. By the age of 30, he had grown his platform to over 10,000 agents after building and scaling out a team by the age of 28. Barreneche emphasizes the importance of learning from successful individuals in the industry and implementing their strategies to achieve your goals. He also highlights the significance of running a business proactively, building systems, changing your perception of failure, focusing on relationship building, and implementing proper systems for business improvement.

Juan Carlos Barreneche, founder of Goldbar and a top producer in real estate, shares his journey of building a team and creating his own training community. By following the advice of coaches and mentors, he was able to scale his business successfully. Barreneche emphasizes the importance of proactive business operations, implementing systems, and changing one’s relationship with failure. He believes that focusing on building relationships with sellers and implementing proper systems can lead to a successful and fulfilling real estate career. Through his platform, he aims to help agents break into luxury real estate and grow their businesses. With his achievements and experiences, Barreneche serves as an inspiration for aspiring real estate agents seeking to thrive in the industry.

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