Latest iGuide Update Includes Buyer Lead Capture

iGuide LeadMagnet 1024x576

iGuide LeadMagnet 1024x576

Planitar, an imaging company, has launched an update to its iGuide tour experience, which aims to capture buyer information and feedback.

At Inman Connect Las Vegas, taking place from July 30-August 1, 2024, attendees can expect to have their questions answered and new business opportunities revealed. Planitar, a Canada-based company, has introduced a lead capture solution to aid real estate agents utilizing iGuide, their digital twin creation and immersive home tour technology.

The newly released product, known as “iGuide Lead Magnet,” is an interactive feature that appears in the iGuide Viewer as potential buyers explore real estate listings. Buyers can request home details via text or email during the tour, providing additional property views and information while alerting the listing agent to the interaction. This feature aims to facilitate communication and feedback between buyers and agents within the 3D tour experience.

CEO and co-founder of Planitar, Alexander Likholyot, expressed the company’s goal of helping users establish new relationships and highlighted the potential of virtual home tours in the real estate market. iGuide, which was founded in 2013, allows listing agents to create engaging visual experiences for potential buyers to explore homes online.

In 2024, Planitar released a product update called “iGuide Instant,” which promises to create whole-home tours in 20 minutes or less using their Planix camera system and built-in artificial intelligence algorithms. The iGuide Lead Magnet feature is included in this update, enhancing the user experience and encouraging buyers to interact and inquire about listings.

Overall, the iGuide Lead Magnet serves as a tool for capturing buyer feedback, initiating conversations, and providing a personalized virtual tour experience. This feature aims to improve the efficiency of communication between agents and buyers, ultimately enhancing the home buying process.

Planitar, an imaging company, has released an update to its iGuide tour experience, called the “iGuide Lead Magnet,” which aims to help real estate agents capture leads and feedback from potential buyers. This new feature allows buyers to request home details via text or email while touring a home, and provides additional property views and information. The company hopes to facilitate new relationships between agents and buyers, especially in light of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on virtual home tours. The product also offers a source of spontaneous listing feedback for sellers and allows agents to provide detailed information to potential buyers. Planitar’s iGuide technology, which includes immersive home tours and digital twin creation, has been a popular tool for agents looking to create engaging experiences for buyers. The company has also recently introduced iGuide Instant, a solution that promises to create whole-home tours in 20 minutes or less using artificial intelligence algorithms. Overall, the iGuide Lead Magnet is a valuable addition to the iGuide platform that enhances the experience for both agents and buyers.

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