Is NAR A Net-Positive? It Depends If You Ask An Agent Or A Broker: Intel

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The agents’ attitudes in March were less positive compared to brokers, as revealed in the Inman Intel survey. Seven out of 10 agents expressed doubts about the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and its impact on the industry, which has around 1.5 million members. Specifically, 28% of agents felt that NAR was not a positive force in real estate, slightly more than the 24% who believed it was. Additionally, 43% were unsure about NAR’s influence.

In contrast, 42% of broker-owners and executives viewed NAR positively, while 31% thought otherwise, and 16% were undecided. This division of opinions reflects a broader industry divide and the challenges faced by NAR over the past 18 months.

The survey, conducted in late March and early April, coincided with news of NAR’s proposed settlement in lawsuits with homesellers. Despite the settlement providing protection for over 1 million Realtors and most brokerages, some were left out due to high sales volumes or MLS ownership.

NAR President Kevin Sears acknowledged the need for better communication with agents and the public to highlight NAR’s value. The organization plans to engage hundreds of Realtors to convey a positive message about NAR and the industry. However, the settlement’s financial implications have led NAR to consider budget cuts to ensure financial sustainability.

Overall, the survey results highlight the complex dynamics within the real estate industry, with differing perspectives between agents and brokers on NAR’s role and value.

The survey conducted by Inman Intel revealed that 7 out of 10 agents questioned whether the National Association of Realtors (NAR) with its 1.5 million members is a positive force for the real estate industry. 28 percent of agents believed NAR wasn’t positive, while 43 percent were unsure. In contrast, 42 percent of broker-owners and executives viewed NAR positively. The survey conducted in March highlighted a divided industry and revealed differing opinions on NAR’s value. The survey took place shortly after NAR reached a settlement in lawsuits with homeseller plaintiffs. NAR President Kevin Sears emphasized the need for better communication of NAR’s value to agents and the public. NAR is planning a nationwide effort to have supporters speak positively about the organization. The settlement with homeseller plaintiffs will lead NAR to streamline its budget, potentially impacting its programs. The survey methodology involves monthly surveys with unique questions for different profiles within the real estate market.

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