Insurance marketplace Matic grows mortgage clientele

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With new clients such as USA Mortgage and New American Funding, Matic is now working with over 100 mortgage lenders and servicers that collectively handle 20 percent of U.S. home loans.

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Matic, a digital insurance marketplace, is expanding its partnerships and has established relationships with more than 100 mortgage lenders, servicers, and banks responsible for processing a fifth of U.S. home loans.

Recently, Matic announced a strategic partnership with USA Mortgage to integrate Matic’s insurance marketplace into the lender’s process, enabling borrowers to access personalized insurance rates from over 50 carriers.

USA Mortgage, a nationwide lender under DAS Acquisition Company LLC, recognized Matic’s comprehensive carrier network and advanced technology as ideal for meeting their customer needs.

Matic, based in Columbus, Ohio, has partnerships with major banks and loan servicers and was founded in 2017.

The company is focused on helping lenders expedite the loan process by assisting borrowers in managing rising insurance premiums, which could impact loan approvals.

Matic’s CEO, Ben Madick, highlighted the challenges faced by lenders due to rising insurance premiums and delays in the home insurance process.

In conclusion, Matic is a key player in the digital insurance marketplace, offering solutions that address critical issues in the mortgage industry.

Matic, a digital insurance marketplace, has announced new partnership deals with USA Mortgage and New American Funding, bringing the total number of mortgage lenders and servicers it works with to over 100. These partnerships represent 20 percent of U.S. home loans and aim to streamline the insurance process for borrowers. By integrating Matic’s insurance marketplace into their systems, lenders can offer personalized insurance rates to borrowers from over 50 carriers. This helps speed up the loan process by dealing with rising insurance premiums that can affect loan approvals. Matic’s CEO, Ben Madick, highlighted the challenges faced by lenders due to delays in the home insurance process, such as pricing issues and low availability. In response to these challenges, Matic has expanded its partnerships and secured additional funding to further enhance its services. Additionally, Better Home & Finance Holding Company has launched its own branded digital home insurance product, Better Insurance, as a faster alternative to traditional insurance policies. This demonstrates the growing trend of digitization within the mortgage and insurance industries to provide more efficient and convenient services to consumers.

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