Inman Connect Miami: Hottest Speaker Lineup In The Hottest Market

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Speakers article 2 1024x576

Inman Connect Miami is approaching with a diverse lineup of experts and topics that will explore the nuances of commissions, delve into global buyers, and provide insights into the future of real estate.

Here are some key speakers at the event:

1. Mauricio Umansky:
– Founder and CEO of The Agency
– Session: “What ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Taught Me About Real Estate”
– Known for his role in TV shows like “Buying Beverly Hills” and “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” Umansky is a real estate powerhouse with nearly $5 billion in sales. Attendees can learn valuable insights from his session.

2. Ana Bozovic:
– Founder of Analytics Miami
– Session: “Money in Motion: Following the Latest Trends to Take Your Business to the Next Level”
– Bozovic is a data expert in wealth patterns and helps organizations understand housing market trends. Attendees can expect to gain important knowledge about the financial landscape.

3. Jonathan Adler:
– Potter, designer, and founder of Jonathan Adler
– Session: “The Hottest Design Trends in 2024”
– Known for redefining modern American glamor, Adler’s designs are popular in stores like Neiman Marcus and Target. Attendees can learn about current design trends from this iconic designer.

4. Dolly Lenz:
– Owner of Dolly Lenz Real Estate
– Session: “How to Navigate Industry Shifts to Future-Proof Your Business”
– A real estate executive with over 25 years of experience, Lenz has sold over $12 billion in properties. Attendees can gain insights into industry shifts and strategies for business growth from her session.

5. Francis X. Suarez:
– Mayor of the City of Miami
– Session: “The Innovations Shaping Tomorrow’s Cities”
– Mayor Suarez advocates for a free-market approach and tech economy in Miami. Attendees can expect discussions on economic trends in real estate and the role of technology in city infrastructure.

Don’t miss out on Inman Connect Miami for two days of networking and interactive sessions that can transform your business. With a stellar lineup of speakers and tools to stay competitive, this event is a must-attend. Secure your spot today!

Inman Connect Miami is an upcoming event featuring industry experts who will dive deep into the dynamics of real estate commissions, global buyers, and future trends in the industry. Some of the notable speakers include Mauricio Umansky, founder of The Agency, who will share insights on making valuable connections in the market. Ana Bozovic, founder of Analytics Miami, will discuss the latest trends in wealth patterns and their impact on businesses. Jonathan Adler, a renowned designer, will talk about design trends for 2024. Dolly Lenz, owner of Dolly Lenz Real Estate, will share strategies for navigating industry shifts. Mayor Francis X. Suarez of Miami will discuss the innovations shaping future cities. Attendees can expect a power-packed two days of networking and interactive sessions to enhance their business strategies and stay competitive. It’s a must-attend event for real estate professionals looking to stay ahead in the market.

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