Hey, That’s Who We Are! NAR In New Trademark Dispute Over ‘R’ Logo

Untitled design 2024 04 09T132234.492 1024x576

Untitled design 2024 04 09T132234.492 1024x576

NAR expressed concerns to the US Patent and Trademark Office about an NYC-based investment firm associated with the fintech marketplace Republic using a logo that infringes on its own. The National Association of Realtors filed a legal motion opposing OpenDeal Inc.’s trademark application for the logo of its investment platform Republic.com, stating that it would damage the Realtor brand. NAR has a long history of protecting its trademarks, including the iconic R-based logo and the term Realtor. OpenDeal, the owner of Republic.com, applied for the trademark, allegedly with the intention to benefit from the goodwill associated with the Realtor brand. Both organizations are now headed towards a legal battle that will likely extend into 2025. This trademark dispute occurs amidst concerns within the real estate industry about NAR’s brand integrity following recent leadership changes and legal issues.

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) is taking legal action against OpenDeal, a New York-based investment firm, for trademark infringement of its iconic R logo. NAR claims that OpenDeal’s logo for its investment platform Republic.com is too similar to NAR’s logo and would harm the Realtor brand. NAR has a history of protecting its brand and has strict rules around the use of its logo by members. The legal battle between NAR and OpenDeal is set to continue through most of 2025. This trademark claim comes at a time when Realtors are questioning the integrity of NAR following a year of turmoil, including the resignations of two presidents and legal battles. Former presidents resigned amid allegations of sexual harassment, blackmail threats, and a culture of harassment within the organization. The outcome of this legal battle will have significant implications for both NAR and OpenDeal.

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