Ditch Generic Marketing: Convey Your Value With Storytelling

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Forget the infographics, lists, and pie charts, and instead focus on telling a compelling story about how you’ve helped your clients.

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In March, the National Association of Realtors proposed a settlement for $418 million to end most of the commission lawsuits they have been battling. If accepted, NAR has agreed to decouple commissions on the MLS and require agents to have a written buyer representation agreement in place before showing homes.

Some agents may struggle post-Sitzer ruling, and the impact of removing commissions from the MLS is uncertain. Concerns about using buyer representation contracts have been raised among agents.

Instead of relying on generic value propositions, focus on accurate storytelling to move your business forward and build meaningful connections with future clients. Avoid using lists and value proposition graphs that oversell your services.

Utilize storytelling to showcase your value rather than ready-made reports and infographics. Real-life stories about how you’ve solved problems for clients or saved them money are more powerful than generic lists.

Real estate agents should prioritize soft skills and experience over generic lists and charts in their marketing. Emphasize valuable educational stories that resonate with consumers.

Lose the lists and pie charts and focus on telling engaging stories instead to connect with your audience effectively. Consumers are more likely to listen to stories that resonate with them.

Real estate broker Teresa Boardman encourages agents to focus on telling compelling stories about how they’ve helped clients rather than relying on generic value propositions and lists. She highlights the proposed settlement by the National Association of Realtors which could impact the way commissions are displayed on the MLS. Boardman discusses the importance of using storytelling to showcase value and build meaningful connections with clients, emphasizing that personal stories are more effective than infographics and pie charts. She suggests that agents should focus on the emotional aspect of problem-solving for clients rather than listing tasks and responsibilities. Overall, Boardman advocates for storytelling as a powerful tool in marketing real estate services and connecting with clients on a deeper level.

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