12 Factors That Convince A Buyer To Pay A Full-Service Commission

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May is Commission and Compensation Month at Inman. We aim to provide you with the most current facts and strategies to thrive in the aftermath of commission settlements. Look out for updates in Inman’s new weekly digest, Commission Chronicles.
In light of the commission lawsuit fallout, real estate agents nationwide are evaluating the impact and considering the way forward. The core issue revolves around the separation of commissions and the restriction on listing agents from displaying buyer agent compensation on MLS platforms, expected to start tentatively in July 2024. Buyer agents will now have to utilize a buyer broker agreement to define their relationship with clients and specify payment terms.
The uncertainty surrounding buyer agent compensation amid the evolving landscape is causing concern. With the potential decoupling of commissions, buyers may be required to compensate their agents, posing challenges in convincing clients to pay a full-service commission or fee in many markets.
It’s important to note that commissions have always been negotiable, and the level of service varies between agents, companies, and regions. Amid the changing rules, the key question is how buyer agents can continue to earn a living under the new guidelines.
In response to these changes, it’s essential for buyer agents to enhance their skills, offer a clear value proposition, develop effective buyer consultations and presentations, share compelling stories, explain the principles of agency and compensation to clients, establish strong relationships with lenders, utilize buyer broker agreements, consider retainer fees, maintain effective communication with listing agents, engage with existing clients, and prioritize client reviews.
The shift in the real estate landscape requires buyer agents to demonstrate their value to clients effectively and establish contractual relationships based on clear communication and understanding of the new rules.

The real estate industry is experiencing a significant change in commission structures and compensation following a landmark lawsuit. The National Association of Realtors settlement has led to the decoupling of commissions and new rules for buyer agent compensation. This has created uncertainty and chaos among real estate agents, especially buyer agents who are unsure of how they will be compensated in the future.

To navigate these changes, Realtors representing buyers are advised to take certain steps to manage the path forward. This includes enhancing negotiation skills, developing a strong value proposition, creating effective buyer presentations, telling captivating stories to convey the importance of competent representation, explaining agency and representation concepts to clients, establishing relationships with good lenders, using buyer broker agreements, considering retainer fees, maintaining open communication with clients, and prioritizing client reviews.

Ultimately, the key for buyer agents is to clearly articulate their value to clients and establish contractual relationships that reflect this value. By embracing these changes and preparing for the new rules, Realtors can continue to thrive in the evolving real estate landscape.

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