Sedekah dan Zakat Kian Mudah Lewat M-Banking

sedekah dan zakat kian mudah lewat m banking 3 169

sedekah dan zakat kian mudah lewat m banking 3 169

sedekah dan zakat kian mudah lewat m banking 3

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Selasa, 02 Apr 2024 20:14 WIB

Tangerang Selatan – Bank Mandiri meluncurkan fitur Livin’ Sukha Donasi di aplikasi Livin by Mandiri. Fitur ini memudahkan nasabah untuk membayar zakat sampai sedekah.

Bank Mandiri has recently launched a new feature called Livin’ Sukha Donasi on their Livin by Mandiri app. This feature allows customers to easily make donations, including zakat and sedekah. The feature aims to make it more convenient for customers to fulfill their religious obligations and contribute to charitable causes through the app. This move by Bank Mandiri demonstrates their commitment to providing innovative solutions for their customers and promoting social responsibility. Livin’ Sukha Donasi is expected to encourage more customers to participate in charitable activities and support those in need. With this new feature, Bank Mandiri is not only providing financial services but also contributing to the well-being of society and promoting a culture of giving. Customers can now easily donate through the app, making the process simpler and more accessible. This initiative reflects Bank Mandiri’s efforts to leverage technology for social impact and create a more inclusive and caring community. Through Livin’ Sukha Donasi, Bank Mandiri is empowering customers to make a difference in the lives of others and fulfill their religious obligations with ease. It also reinforces the bank’s image as a socially responsible institution that is dedicated to supporting charitable causes and engaging customers in giving back to society.

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