Autos analysts pick who can survive China’s cut-throat EV market

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Investment analysts are focusing on potential winners in China’s car market after a 10-day auto show in Beijing showcased fierce competition. The show, which began on April 25, saw a massive influx of visitors and an array of car launches, causing movement between booths to slow down. This year, there was an increase in live-streamers and overseas dealers attending the show, with JPMorgan analysts noting that foreign visitors, particularly Chinese brands’ overseas dealers or importers, were in attendance.

Tesla, a major player in the Chinese market, did not exhibit at the main auto show due to disruptions in 2021. However, CEO Elon Musk recently made a surprise visit to Beijing, overcoming data security hurdles and inching closer to getting approval for its driver-assist software in China.

The oversaturation of the Chinese car market, with 170 brands compared to 80 in Europe, is leading to irrational competition amid a shift from internal combustion engines to battery electric vehicles. This transition has raised questions about the competition strategies of international OEMs in the coming years.

Following two days of limited access, the Beijing auto show opened to the general public, with car companies vying to attract consumers through various experiences and entertainment. More than 110 new car models debuted at the show, with top brands leveraging the event as a marketing tool.

Chinese automakers like Nio, Leapmotor, Geely, and BYD are seeing positive results, with analysts expecting government stimulus to benefit these companies. Foreign companies, like Volkswagen, are facing challenges in the market, as they have misjudged consumer demand and missed opportunities in the cost-competitive domestic Chinese industry.

Overall, the focus on Chinese automakers suggests that foreign companies are struggling to compete in the rapidly evolving Chinese car market.

Analysts are focusing on potential winners in China’s car market following the Beijing auto show, where the competition was fierce. The show attracted a large number of visitors, including live-streamers and overseas dealers. Leading producers like BYD and Tesla are expected to benefit from overseas markets. The market is oversaturated with 170 brands, leading to intense competition as the industry transitions to electric vehicles. Companies at the show competed to attract consumers with unique experiences and performances. Top brands like Xiaomi and Nio stole the spotlight with new car launches and strong marketing strategies. The Chinese government’s trade-in policy is expected to boost passenger vehicle sales, with analysts recommending stocks like Leapmotor, Geely, and BYD. Foreign companies like Volkswagen are facing challenges in the market, with domestic Chinese automakers gaining momentum. Overall, analysts are optimistic about the future of the Chinese auto market and see potential for growth in the coming years.

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