2024 Mahindra Scorpio review: Performance testing

1718321875 2024 Mahindra Scorpio long term HERO 16x9 1.jpg

1718321875 2024 Mahindra Scorpio long term HERO 16x9 1.jpg

I have spent some time driving the Mahindra Scorpio, covering a couple of thousand kilometers. The experience has been mostly positive, with improvements in fuel economy and acceleration. The small fuel tank can be a hassle, requiring frequent refueling. The car has had some electrical glitches, but overall, it has performed well.

In terms of performance, the Scorpio accelerates decently but is not a sports car. It takes around 12.92 seconds to reach 100km/h from a standstill. Braking tests showed it took an extra 2.65 meters to stop compared to previous tests, indicating a slight increase in stopping distance.

Overall, the Mahindra Scorpio has been a reliable vehicle with some minor issues. It’s important to maintain a safe distance when driving due to its braking performance. For more detailed information on the car’s performance, refer to the breakdown of acceleration and braking tests.

The author has spent a considerable amount of time driving the Mahindra Scorpio and has logged a couple of thousand kilometers so far. Despite some minor issues with the auto stop/start system and occasional electrical glitches, the vehicle has been performing well overall. The fuel economy has been steadily improving, averaging around 13km/L. However, the small fuel tank can be frustrating as it requires frequent visits to the service station. The author also notes the importance of range, especially for off-road trips.

From a performance perspective, the author tested the acceleration and braking abilities of the Scorpio. The vehicle has a 2.2-liter turbo-diesel engine that produces 129kW of power and 400Nm of torque. It took 12.92 seconds to reach 100km/h and required an additional 2.65 meters to stop after three hard braking tests. While these results are not exceptional, they provide valuable insights for day-to-day driving scenarios.

Overall, the Mahindra Scorpio has shown to be a capable and reliable vehicle, despite some minor issues. Its performance on the road, including acceleration and braking abilities, has been satisfactory. The author highlights the importance of understanding a car’s performance characteristics for safe and efficient driving.

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